Welcome to L'Atelier Art Studio

L'Atelier Art Studio & Gallery, Inc. opened it's doors in 1987.  Ellen Malsch, Clinton, WI, was teacher and mentor for many years and named the studio.
Marilyn Keating, Judy Lyons, and Claudia Fitzgerald shared the ownership of the studio.

 L'Atelier art hangs at the Janesville Performing Art Center, Janesville Country Club and Ravenswish.  There are five to eight workshops  each year at the studio with very well know instructors from around the country.  

There is also a weekly class taught by Karolyn Alexander, a Whitewater, WI artist, on Tuesday afternoons by appointment.  On Thursday afternoons, there is an Open Painting session led by Claudia Fitzgerald, which allows for critique of each others work.